Most relevant documentaries by Hajo Seppelt and his colleagues:

2018 „Doping Top Secret: Traitors. Fallout from the Russian Doping Scandal.“

2018 „Doping Top Secret: Brazil‘s Twelfth Man“

2018 „Doping Top Secret: Russia‘s Football Friends“

2018 „Doping Top Secret: Olympic Conspiracy“ (in two parts)

2017 „Doping Top Secret: The Big Money Run – Africa’s Athletes on Sale“

2017 „Doping Top Secret: Brazil‘s Dirty Game“

2017 „Doping Top Secret: Jamaica‘s Sprinters and Clenbuterol“

2017 „Doping Top Secret: New Russian Whistleblower“

2016 „Doping Top Secret: The Protection Racket“

2016 „Doping Top Secret: Showdown for Russia“

2016 „Doping Top Secret: A British Doping Doctor and his ties to footballers“

2016 „Doping Top Secret: Russia‘s Red Herrings“

2015 „Doping Top Secret: The Shadowy world of Athletics“

2014 „Doping Top Secret: How Russia Makes its Winners“

2013 Documentary about Thomas Bach, the German candidate for the IOC presidency

2012 „Doping Top Secret: Kenya – No Wonder“ (several short documentaries on doping in Kenyan athletics)

2012 „Doping Top Secret: Blood Treatments for German Athletes“

2011 Documentary about sports in North Korea

2010 „Doping Top Secret: Alberto Contador and the Cover Up of a Positive Test“

2010 „Doping Top Secret: Ice-cold Cheating“

2009 „Doping Top Secret: The String-Pullers in Athletics“

2008 „Doping Top Secret: Flying High in the Middle Kingdom: Doping in China“

2007 „Doping Top Secret: Mission Clean Sport – Doping controls in Germany“

2006 „Doping Top Secret: Cheating in Cycling“ (several short documentaries on doping in cycling with support of doctors in Spain and Germany)

2002 Documentary „Doping – A dangerous Game“

1997 Documentary „State Secret: Doping of Children“ about victims and offenders in East German swimming

1992 Documentary „The Millenium Games“ about Berlin‘s bid for the 2000 Olympics