A new whistleblower tells ARD German television of serious allegations concerning Russian athletics. Secret film footage supports the suspicion that coaches banned for doping offences are still free to continue working at the professional level.
Research conducted by newspaper Le Monde and broadcaster ARD suggests that extortion have been employed in international athletics over a period of many years.
Russia may possibly be facing a ban on the participation of its athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
In March 2016, in its Sport Inside program, the WDR broadcast the third part of the series on doping in athletics with a focus on Russia.
Hajo Seppelt went again in search for traces about doping and has encountered far beyond Russia’s borders evidence of the misuse of doping.
With 33 medals, Russia was by far the strongest nation at the Winter Olympics in Sochi (Russia). A German TV crew (form WDR) reveals what lies behind the questionable success.
The film observed the presidential election campaign from St. Petersburg to the Ivory Coast and illuminates the relationships of Thomas Bach in the Arab region, which is considered his political power base.
On the occasion of the Women’s World Cup in Germany, in which North Korea also participates, the authorities in Pyongyang have given the ARD reporters Hajo Seppelt and Robert Kempe permission for the first time after almost two years of effort.